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The cutest app ever

24 Aug

So my friend Chris has just recently come out with the cutest iphone app ever. If you have a little one or even if you don’t you should definitely go check out this new animal matching game app. It’s so cute you could just die!


Also some more exciting news is I have recently moved in Nashville, TN. I am currently getting adjusted to living in a new city but luckily I have a lot of close friends around me to help me through this transition. I am working…. a lot but it is going well. I am at a school working with children in aftercare, working in retail and working with a local Nashville artist on some exciting projects happening later this year. If you wanna check out her site and see what new adventures I’m doing feel free to check out her site here and her blog here. Ok more to come soon, Have a lovely Tuesday.

Afternoon Inspiration

25 Feb

(Line Juhl Hansen)

(Lydia Cash)

(Sabrina Ward Harrison)

Some good news, some bad news, some cute news.

28 Nov

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I wanted to update my shop earlier but unfortunately my car was broken into over the holidays and my computer was stolen. Boo. But the good news and cute news is I have updated my shop now so go check out the new items. I hope to put even more handmade goodies up later this weekend.



Pop-up Book Fun

4 Mar


Lisa Hannigan has a great voice and this is such a beautiful song. Also I absolutely love the pop-up book. I really want to try and make one once all my paintings are finished,  have made more veggie/fruit plush toys and all my headbands are created, and completed my illustrations for my friend Megan’s book…. then yes then I will make my pop-up book.

Pimp That Snack

12 Feb

logonewNot sure what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day?  I have the perfect solution… Pimp that Snack. That’s right, this website shows you how to create your favorite snacks into gigantic proportions. So instead of the usual gift try something creative this year. Oh and after eating all that I suggest a major diet and work out program.





And for those not interested in over-sized foods I wanted to post about Grady McFerrin. I really enjoy his work and some of his stuff first caught my eye at Anthropolgie where they sell different journals with his designs on them. Anyways he has some beautiful work. And I’m not quite sure what the Folk Town thing is about but I would like to live there. Enjoy.







Meet Jane Foster

10 Feb

I love Jane’s prints and I hope to get one of my very own one day. She also has a lovely etsy site that you definitely need to check out.








Stamp Art

9 Feb

My mom found this great blog this morning. I love the stamps that she makes. I might have to try my hand at this later in the week. Here is a link to her blog.




Also you can buy some of her wonderful prints from her etsy site.



Sew in love with…

6 Feb

I love these purses made by Katie Henry. They are all so different. I actuallt own one of these and I love it. She is always selling new bags at her etsy shop.






On a lighter note

5 Nov

I found these great lighting fixtures this morning from the MoMA store.




Hope your day is bright!

It’s been a long time…

3 Nov

Sorry I haven’t updated in quite a while. I have been busy working on my upcoming website and busy at my job. When all of that is finished I hope to be blogging more often. For today I wanted to let everyone know my mom has just put up her new website at: kathifly.com and also was in an art gallery opening at roomscapes art gallery in Georgia. Here is some of her work. Isn’t it beautiful!