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Afternoon Inspiration

25 Feb

(Line Juhl Hansen)

(Lydia Cash)

(Sabrina Ward Harrison)

I think I just feel in love…

23 Feb

with books cover. I know crazy. I usually dislike them… they get in the way, torn up and usually are not that pretty but I believe Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy has won me over. Jacket+Bookmark is pretty awesome.

The blogs made me do it…

10 Feb

A quick post about some blog’s I currently love reading and the things they’ve convinced me to do:

1. The Rockstar Diaries

Has convinced me that I need to own my very own miniature English Bulldog.

2. VeganYumYum

Has convinced me to be a vegan… if only for a month.

3. A Beautiful Mess

Has convinced me to open my own store… and that I am in desperate need of my own work space.

4. My Polaroid Blog

Has convinced me that awesome headbands are a necessity and that honesty is the best and funniest medicine.

5. Katie Henry Likes to Sew

Has convinced me that I need to learn how to sew like this because her bags go so fast off her etsy shop I am never in time to buy one.

Very lovely shoes

6 Feb

Although I usually sport the tennis shoe I really love love heels and wedges and shoes that involve glitter.


(Free People)





(Christian Louboutin)

Friday Food

5 Feb

This is what I plan to make tonight.

(Vegan YumYum)

Looks pretty good right?! Well only problem is it’s not real meat… it’s Seitan, a meat substitute. Which on the plate looks pretty close to the real thing but let me tell you in the package looks quite different. But one of my goals for the year is to be Vegan for at least one month so I have to ease into this thing. Oh Seitan don’t disappoint me!

thoughts of nap time…

4 Feb

I would like to have one of these today to curl up in with a good book. Oh and I would also like it to be sunny and warm. Spring please come soon.

(Finnish Design Shop)

Oh and another idea for the masquerade party… this one might have to be Allison’s.

(Flurry & Salk)

Daily Inspiration

2 Feb

Today I bring you beautiful things. My office this week was a wreck and so is my room/ work space. And when things around me are not clean or organized it makes it difficult to get things done. Having to climb over a pile of dirty clothes to get to a painting makes me like 100% less likely to work on it… so goal for this week.. clean.

P.S. LOST (!!!)

(Design Sponge)

(Design Sponge)