Goals, Resolutions, and Creative Ideas

6 Jan

I have started a goal list for the New Year. My birthday also falls in January so instead of just doing a regular list of resolutions this year I will be making 27 (Yes 27 because that’s about to be my age) goals for this year.

One of the goals on my list: To get my taxes and receipts done before the end of January. And today I have almost finished that goal. Which if you know me is pretty amazing to say the least. So instead of painting, sewing or crafting today I was in a coffee shop counting, sorting, and filing. But I am done and it feels so great!!

Another one of my goals is to make an actual goal journal to be sold in my shop. I am working hard on this and will hopefully be done with it at the end of this week. So get ready to make this a goal creating year.

Here are some things I have found recently that helped ease the pain of taxes.

( Dave Perillo)

(Once Wed)

Glitter shoes… um yes please!

The Royal Tenenbaums

Team Zissou

(Puppets can be found at Abbey Christine)

This sweater is pretty awesome. You can buy it for me for my birthday at Replicca

Hope you have a very accomplished Wednesday.


One Response to “Goals, Resolutions, and Creative Ideas”

  1. Leanna Wallace January 6, 2010 at 10:11 AM #

    Kelly!!! I’m following your blog on Google Reader and I see you talk about selling something in your shop? you have a shop??? how COOL?! facebook me or something so we can talk! hope you’re doing well and that your 2010 is rockin so far.

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