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Playing dress up

13 Jan

Ok so one of my 27 goals is to have a masquerade party. Mainly because I want to make some of these masks. Love love love. Who’s in? Images were found at we heart it.

Loft 505

8 Jan

Going to visit some of my bestie’s this weekend! First off to T-town to visit Allison. You can also visit Allison over at her blog, Hoot goes the Owl.

Then to Birmingham to say goodbye to my friend Jessi for one whole year while she travels to New York with the non-profit she works for, Bedouins International. It’s going to be a girl’s weekend at the 505 loft. We’re also saying goodbye to our beloved loft… this will be the last time any of us girls live there. It’s been such a great home to all of us. We’ve had so many fun times in that loft from four square matches to new year’s parties and baby showers.

Whole bunch of cute

7 Jan

It’s been a gross, cold and sort of rainy day here so here are some photos from Cute Overload to make everything a little better and a little cuter  (of course).

New Favorite

7 Jan

I heart Domino magazine but ever since it stopped printing I have been in the search for a new favorite. So I was visiting some good friends of mine a couple of weeks ago and I think I found it.

(Ready Made)

This is such a great magazine for creative ideas to make things for around the house, presents etc. Anyways I totally just ordered a subscription and think it will quickly become my new obsession. I usually can convince myself I can make anything I want to and this magazine only furthers my suspicions.

Here are some more new favorites for the year.

Pretty much anything from Bluebird Vintage.

Terrariums! Yay… I know you’re just excited about these as I am.

(images found at We Heart It)

Love these dresses and every other item at Anthropologie

One of my 27 goals is to organize my art supplies. Found this great idea to re-use a shoe organizer to hold paper. I just happen to have an extra sitting in my closet right now just waiting to be used. To find out more about this and other DIY projects check out Do It Yourself Ideas.

Goals, Resolutions, and Creative Ideas

6 Jan

I have started a goal list for the New Year. My birthday also falls in January so instead of just doing a regular list of resolutions this year I will be making 27 (Yes 27 because that’s about to be my age) goals for this year.

One of the goals on my list: To get my taxes and receipts done before the end of January. And today I have almost finished that goal. Which if you know me is pretty amazing to say the least. So instead of painting, sewing or crafting today I was in a coffee shop counting, sorting, and filing. But I am done and it feels so great!!

Another one of my goals is to make an actual goal journal to be sold in my shop. I am working hard on this and will hopefully be done with it at the end of this week. So get ready to make this a goal creating year.

Here are some things I have found recently that helped ease the pain of taxes.

( Dave Perillo)

(Once Wed)

Glitter shoes… um yes please!

The Royal Tenenbaums

Team Zissou

(Puppets can be found at Abbey Christine)

This sweater is pretty awesome. You can buy it for me for my birthday at Replicca

Hope you have a very accomplished Wednesday.

A New Tuesday

5 Jan

Happy New Year!

Hope so far you new year has been great. Sorry the update is a little late. I was working this past weekend but am getting to rest a little this week. Also a Happy Birthday to my brother whose birthday was actually on January 1st. Woohoo!!

Be back later with more fun stuff.