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Hooray for Fall!

14 Oct

While reading my friend Allison’s post this morning I realized I to love fall. It is such a great season and even though we had a 100% chance of rain today, I just still love this time of year. I have several projects I am working on. For one a baby shower for my dear friend Megan. I had a bunch of fun ideas and inspiration for the shower it will have to wait until afterwards so not to give away any surprises. But here are some other things I have been inspired by lately:

Some of the people that worked on Domino Magazine (moment of silence) … have started an online magazine called Lonny! This really makes me so happy. Check it out here:


I am trying to learn how to crochet this Fall and this blanket is the reason I decided to. It is just so gorgeous. Now I am currently in the beginning stages. I’ll let you know how it goes but I am also left-handed and am learning how to crochet using my right hand so it’s been a little troublesome so far but I am determined. 



The Art House Co-op has a new project! The Scavenger Project. This one looks really awesome and I am hoping to sign-up for it. 


This etsy shop is pretty great. Here are some of my favorite posters from the shop. 








Last I want to share these amazing snickerdoddle cupcakes from Bakerella. I will definitely have to try my hand at these later this week.