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An Etsy kinda friday…

18 Apr

Just wanted to post some items that I have seen on etsy and I love and wish I could have immediately. Instead I will just post these beautiful pictures of them and share them with others. 


The first is the Mayflower dress by SarahSeven




Next is the Zephr headband by WhichGoose. I pretty much love every hair piece she has in her shop. 



And last but certainly not least from the eco friendly shop Shecological  the Gracious Plum Blossom everything bag.


New Math

10 Apr

I love these signs made by Craig Damrauer. Here are just a couple that I liked but you can find the rest at:





Why is Love free?

8 Apr

One of my favorite things is to tell others about organizations, communities, or just people trying to make a difference everyday. One of these groups is called Love is Free. They are people just trying to show the love of God in the best way they know how and everyday. One of these ways they do this is by giving out free pancakes to people in downtown Auburn on Friday nights. It’s just that simple. Love is simple. 

To do this they need funding and during this time in our economy funding can be scarce so if you are interested in finding out more about this group please go to: It doesn’t take much to help out and any support is welcome. 


What is it! What is it???

7 Apr


So my blog is usually devoted to design and etc. but today being the very special day that it is I have decided to dedicate my post to my dear friend Megan. It’s her birthday isn’t that awesome. She is a great person and deserves the best things in the world. You should go to her blog today and wish her happy one. And buy her lots of gifts (from my shop). OK j/k  about the shop part you should def. still buy her gifts … but really let her know you love her and that she is great. And I miss her and Lancce and hope that today is a fun and exciting day. So Happy Birthday Megan!


Oh and Meggie… don’t forget to eat some cake.

New handmade…

5 Apr

Some new plush and headbands are up on my etsy site. Here is a sneak peek at some of those items. I will have even more items up tomorrow. 20090403-imgp01991