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Fun for your hair and inspirational kittens

15 Feb

I have been working on some new head bands. Here are the first three and there will be more to come later this week.

silver rose

black and white

Pretty in Pink

A lil' feather

And I found this video and wanted to give everyone a little laugh today.

Pimp That Snack

12 Feb

logonewNot sure what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day?  I have the perfect solution… Pimp that Snack. That’s right, this website shows you how to create your favorite snacks into gigantic proportions. So instead of the usual gift try something creative this year. Oh and after eating all that I suggest a major diet and work out program.





And for those not interested in over-sized foods I wanted to post about Grady McFerrin. I really enjoy his work and some of his stuff first caught my eye at Anthropolgie where they sell different journals with his designs on them. Anyways he has some beautiful work. And I’m not quite sure what the Folk Town thing is about but I would like to live there. Enjoy.







Cuteness vs. Funniness

11 Feb

This is probably one of my favorite videos ever. Plus because of all the attention it is getting they are starting to raise money for a great cause. The have set up a project in order to raise money for Edurelief, a development organization based in Mongolia, who helps providing school books to Mongolian kids. So here are some websites you can check out to give to the cause or order a cute t-shirt. They also have a website to see more of this cute little girl.

Then I found this hilarious video from the Ellen show that just made me laugh.

Meet Jane Foster

10 Feb

I love Jane’s prints and I hope to get one of my very own one day. She also has a lovely etsy site that you definitely need to check out.








Stamp Art

9 Feb

My mom found this great blog this morning. I love the stamps that she makes. I might have to try my hand at this later in the week. Here is a link to her blog.




Also you can buy some of her wonderful prints from her etsy site.



Sew in love with…

6 Feb

I love these purses made by Katie Henry. They are all so different. I actuallt own one of these and I love it. She is always selling new bags at her etsy shop.






I heart communities that want to help others…

5 Feb

So here is a great community of people that want to help others and do this by simply showing love. Plus it’s a really cool website. Check it out.

And also some of my other friends have a non-profit who use there talents to use media for missions They have a heart for doing great work to assist others in media needs.

Bedouins International