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Let’s mess it up a bit

31 Aug

Here are some more pictures of the mural I am working on. I have been out of town for another wedding (my friends like to get married). But will be working on this piece more this week and hope to finish the first part soon.

Fun for your drinks!

28 Aug

I made these a couple years ago for a friend of mine. This isn’t the whole collection but I hope to be making more soon before my website goes up. Also here is another painting that I’ve done the lyrics are from a song writer/musician named Ben Pasley. I’ve been sick this past week and haven’t had a lot of time to update but hopefully I start doing it again daily now. Hope your weeks have been well.

In the beginning…

21 Aug

So I am in the first stages of a mural I am doing for some friends of mine. These are some pictures of the first canvas that I have been working on. The mural will end up being three canvas’ all together.

The canvas size I am using is 22×28.

mmm yummy

19 Aug

So I found this cool print designer Lizzy House. And then I saw these awesome S’more cupcakes and wanted to make them immediately! Check them out… how awesome do those look?

So other than these great looking cupcakes this girl is also a very talented designer. You should definitely take some time today and check out her site. And then go make a yummy snack.

Mail Time…

17 Aug

I have been decorating envelopes for my friend’s lately. I love writing letters and this makes it even more fun!

You will notice on some of the envelopes the part where you insert the address may seem blurry. That’s because I blurred out my friends address so the envelopes don’t always look that way. If you’re interested any these envelopes or designs please feel free to contact me about them 🙂

Let’s Paint

16 Aug

I am having a busy weekend but I wanted to quickly post some pictures of some of my work. If you are interested in a painting or would like an original please contact me at: Thanks. Enjoy.

And here is one of my newest works… it’s not finished just yet.

Naptime can be beautiful

13 Aug

I love these pillow designs by Bonjour Mon Coussin. My couch definitely needs some decorating and these would be the perfect fit.

Wake up to Color!

11 Aug

I’m back… the wedding was beautiful but it’s good to be home. So this morning I have two different things that I have found that I really enjoy. The first is from The Wandering Bert Collective and it’s this cool printed t.

I also found this great new pop art living room set from anthropologie.

Dumm dum di dum….

8 Aug

I’m heading off to my friend’s wedding this weekend. I have not yet caught the marriage bug but hopefully sometime in the future I will. My friend Stephen is an amazing photographer and does just great wedding photos. I found this one today on his site and love it. It’s so simple and beautiful. He has recently done some of my other friends engagement photos and they will be getting married a couple of weeks from now. If you need a photographer you should definitely use him!

Say Yes to head bands

7 Aug

I found these on My Polaroid Blog and feel in love with them. This girl’s website is so much fun to search through and you should def. check out the’s site as well. Enjoy.