I moved over the interwebs

29 Apr

So I moved again but this time to a new website kellyfly.com! Lots of new and exciting stuff to come on the website. Hope to see you over there.


DIY Thursday

3 Mar

I have been very busy with a million different things lately so I decided to take some time today to be creative. I have been wanting to make some glitter shoes that I mentioned a couple of posts today so I did! I took some pictures of the process. It was very fun but if you decide to attempt get ready to have glitter everywhere. It’s a beautiful day in Nashville so maybe I’ll even wear them out today.




A letter of request

2 Mar

Dear Zara,

Please come to Nashville. Thank you.


I am a girl and I wear glasses…

17 Jan

so naturally I absolutely love the girls with glasses show

Fun over at Polyvore

16 Jan
Had a little fun with Polyvore this morning. Just a couple of items I am currently loving. Untitled

Untitled by flykell featuring motorcycle boots

DIY Shoe Project

15 Jan

I love glitter and these shoes are sooo great! I saw some cheap white shoes at Target the other day… I may have to go pick a pair up after work and try out this little DIY shoe project.

My Happiness Project

14 Jan

Good morning fellow friends or afternoon that is! My schedule has been thrown off because of all these snow days. And snow days for me does not equal time off it actually is the exact opposite, can’t wait to get back to my “regular schedule”. Anyways I am part of a wonderful book club and the first book we are reading is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. (Side note isn’t Gretchen a beautiful name?) So the book is about trying to make your life happier… simple enough right? Well it has been so challenging for me so far but also very exciting. Last year I started making goals for the age I was turning for instance this year I will make 28 goals for turning 28. And my birthday is coming up soon so I have to start on my new list and I think I will merge the happiness project with my 28 goals. (I got the idea of 28 goals for turning 28 over at A Beautiful Mess).

I am going to take the same approach as Gretchen did and approach a new goal for each month and add one from there with a couple of extra goals thrown in over the year. So follow along and enjoy and hopefully we’ll all be a little happier in the end.

My project will officially start at the end of January because that’s my birthday and continue on from there. I have not decided what my first month will be focused on but it is either between work or being healthier. Either way it should be fun!





New, new, new!

8 Jan

So lots has happened… its a new year, I live in a new city, and soon I’ll have a new site! It will be devoted to event designing and more stuff that I make. All handmade! I’m really excited about this project and will let everyone know once it’s up and running. Now on to more superficial things… like should I or should I not get my hair cut? I feel like a change and usually it comes in the form of my hair but we’ll see. You’re welcome to weigh in. Also I’ll be making my new goals soon…. 28 this year for turning 28.. wow crazy. And I’m reading this book called The Happiness Project  which will also be part of my 28 goals. More to come on that later. Hope your saturday is lovely.



The cutest app ever

24 Aug

So my friend Chris has just recently come out with the cutest iphone app ever. If you have a little one or even if you don’t you should definitely go check out this new animal matching game app. It’s so cute you could just die!


Also some more exciting news is I have recently moved in Nashville, TN. I am currently getting adjusted to living in a new city but luckily I have a lot of close friends around me to help me through this transition. I am working…. a lot but it is going well. I am at a school working with children in aftercare, working in retail and working with a local Nashville artist on some exciting projects happening later this year. If you wanna check out her site and see what new adventures I’m doing feel free to check out her site here and her blog here. Ok more to come soon, Have a lovely Tuesday.

I heart my mom!

28 Jun

I just want to say a big happy birthday to my mom!! She is the one who taught me how to be creative in everything I do. I really look up to her as an artist and she is just such a great, fun and loving mother. Here are some fun birthday inspiration photos this morning.